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A photograph of Dr. Dowdy from the shoulders up. Several medical books are behind him. Choose positivity and Vitality Wellness with Dr. Paul are highlighted.
Choosing positivity is very important. Positive people are happier and live longer. Being positive is a choice we should make.

This video is about choosing positivity. Being positive is important in so many ways. Positive people are generally happier and live longer. We need to focus on the good things that we can change and ignore/don’t pay attention to the negative or bad things and things we cannot change.

I give several examples of potentially bad situations that have happened in my life and how I’ve chosen to make them positive for my life. 

Bad things are going to happen in our lives. It’s not a matter of if, but when. It may not be as dramatic as getting hit by a car and nearly dying, but things like divorce, job loss, etc.

If we respond positively in these situations, our lives and the lives around us can be forever changed for the better.

This is not something that is easy or natural for many people and I understand that. We need to try hard to choose positivity!

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