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Nature’s Trifecta: A Superior Solution

Nature’s Trifecta is a combination of high strength turmeric, black pepper extract, and amla powder. What makes this product stand out is the high dosage of turmeric when combined with the amla powder creates a powerhouse inflammation and pain reducer.

My initial thoughts when formulating this product was that the turmeric and black pepper combination would address my pain and that the amla powder would just be an added benefit for antioxidant support. I have a strong family history of cancer, so I really just wanted to make the most of one product. I initially made a 3-week supply of the combo and started journaling my results, and they were pretty amazing. My body and my pain responded to my all-natural combination quicker than I had imagined. After my 3-week supply ran out, my thought was that I would go back to a high dosage turmeric and black pepper supplement and that would be sufficient. Boy was I wrong! Within a couple days, my pain was returning and I didn’t have nearly the comfort and quality of life that I had with Nature’s Trifecta.

The high strength, high purity, high dose turmeric taken with black pepper did not nearly control my pain like Nature’s Trifecta! So this meant that amla powder is not only a very strong antioxidant, but also is a powerful analgesic when combined with the turmeric and black pepper extract. What a bonus!

Q: What Does Turmeric Do?

A: Turmeric relieves joint and back pain, it reduces inflammation, skin dryness and aging! It also improves digestion, memory, and it promotes a balanced mood!

Q: What Are Curcuminoids?

A: Curcuminoids are the active ingredient in the spice turmeric which gives it multiple medicinal benefits

Q: What Is Amla Powder & What Are The Benefits Of It?

A: Amla powder comes from amla berries which is the highest whole food antioxidant available. Some of the benefits of amla powder includes that it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain reliever! It also promotes healthy glowing skin, improves eyesight, and boosts the immune system!

Q: How did you overcome your chronic pain?

A: After using prescription painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), I wanted to deal with my chronic pain without all the negative side effects like brain fog, addiction, GI upset, and renal insufficiency. Within the first few doses of Nature’s Trifecta™ I was feeling more relief than what was provided by the prescription painkillers!

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: Factors like prior pain medicine use, how long the pain has affected you, and prior procedures all contribute to how long it will take for you to start feeling the pain relieving effects of Nature’s Trifecta™. Other factors include food, nutrition, and whether or not you are using pain medications currently.

Q: What is the proper dosing of Nature’s Trifecta™?

A: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules two to three times daily with food. For maximum pain relief, three times daily is recommended.

Q: What are the best exercises for reducing back pain?

A: Lower back pain can be treated through simple exercises focused on hamstring stretching and core strengthening. This video demonstrates core exercises that are gentle on the body, yet effective. For best results, these should be performed daily.

Q: How can I take Nature’s Trifecta™ without getting yellow fingers?

A: As Nature’s Trifecta™ contains turmeric, it can stain your fingers yellow. This video explains how to prevent your fingers from getting stained yellow when taking this all natural pain relieving medicine.

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EACH SERVING OF Vitality Nutraceuticals Nature’s Trifecta contains: 1000mg turmeric with > 95% curcuminoids for maximum effectiveness and pain control, 20mg black pepper extract to maximize curcumin absorption, and 300mg of organic amla powder.


Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper is necessary for the body to actually absorb the nutrients in turmeric and increases absorption by 2,000%.


Turmeric Curcuminoids

Ancient Indian (or Ayurvedic) Medicine has utilized turmeric as a pain reliever for thousands of years. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Turmeric root is between 2-4% curcumin and curcuminoids. To help chronic pain, you need at least 2g of curcuminoids per day, and in order to get that in its purest form, you have to extract it from the root. Thus, turmeric extract with at least 95% curcuminoids is used for pain. In choosing our turmeric, quality was of utmost importance. I went through many companies to try and get the highest quality turmeric possible and through much research and investigation, I have finally achieved this.


Amla berry

Amla berry (or Indian gooseberry) is the highest whole food antioxidant known to date. It has numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease. It also provides the purest form of vitamin C, through its antioxidant effects reducing cancer risk and inflammation. Amla berry also decreases acid levels in the stomach, has anti-aging properties, has a low glycemic index, and much more. We only use high-quality organic amla powder. Yet another benefit of amla powder is that it helps the symptoms of osteoarthritis. I initially added the amla powder in Natures Trifecta purely for its antioxidant and cancer prevention effects, but I quickly realized that it was also helping reduce my chronic pain as well (see Nature’s Trifecta superiority versus turmeric above).


Paul A Dowdy, MD

Vitality Nutraceuticals is a nutritional supplement company owned by myself, Dr. Paul Dowdy, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who's been practicing since 1997.

Dr. Paul Dowdy

Paul A Dowdy, MD

In 2018 my life took an unexpected turn. While riding my bicycle, I was hit by a car and suffered multiple injuries. It’s a miracle that I survived and I give God all the glory for sparing my life for the purpose I still have to fulfill.